Ukraine's first president Leonid Kravchuk offered to become a guarantor of the implementation of agreements between President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, parliamentary majority and opposition, he stated, speaking in Parliament, ForUm correspondent reports.

"There is distrust between the opposition and the President. I offer not to involve foreigners. I alone or with Leonid Danylovych (Kuchma. - Ed.) can become a guarantor to inform people about the agreements between the parties. And then the Ukrainians will see who cannot execute duties. Only you and the President can solve dramatic issues in Ukraine," Kravchuk said. 

According to him, the deputies should put the state's interests above their own.

The first president also considers that the conflict vector in the country is directed towards a civil war. 

"To stop the collapse of governance it is necessary to reconcile the warring parties, saying that there is a plan to resolve the political crisis, approved by the President and the Parliament. People are smart - they will agree to reduce the confrontation if they know that there is a plan," Kravchuk said.


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