Constant media attacks on the power lead to lower efficiency of work of the authorities, Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov said in an interview with "Segodnya" Ukrainian daily.

"Constant media attacks undermine confidence in the government. Trust is the essential component of the implementation of any program. Programs of national currency stability of, energy saving, investment in housing - any large-scale program requires trust! If I do not trust the program "Affordable housing", I won’t invest in it, " Azarov said.

Therefore, according to him, trust in the government is a very important economic issue. "So, media attacks on the power must be balanced. Unfounded attacks can lead to instability, distrust. Media is often called the "fourth estate" as information channels have big power, and this power should feel responsibility, that is be responsible for their words. Everything should be confirmed with facts," PM summed up.


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