The presidium of the Crimean Supreme Council, in connection with the seizure of administrative buildings in several regions in Ukraine, has said that there is a threat to the constitutional order and called on the president, the National Security Council and Defense Council and MPs to introduce a state of emergency in the country.

"Violence, like a cancer, is spreading from the Maidan in Kyiv to the Ukrainian regions. The unpunished seizure of Kyiv City State Administration and other administrative buildings persuaded Maidan activists that there is permissiveness. In seven regions of Ukraine the extremists are storming the state authorities and erecting barricades. The buildings of the Lviv, Rivne and Ternopil state administrations have already been seized. Participants in mass disturbances have announced that they 'are taking power into their own hands,' are subordinated to the decisions of the self-proclaimed 'people's council' and started forming illegitimate government agencies. The principles of the constitutional order and the system of state governance are under threat," the press center of the Crimean parliament said, citing an address adopted by the presidium on Friday.

The authors of the document noted that the Crimean parliament had earlier called for the introduction of a state of emergency to restore public order.

"If our voice had been heard in a timely manner, Ukraine would have not been on the brink of a civil war," they said, Interfax-Ukraine informed.

"We appeal to Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, the National Security and Defense Council and the people's deputies of Ukraine with the request to stop lawlessness, anarchy and violence that swept through the country and declare a state of emergency in Ukraine. We propose stop funding from the state budget the regions that declared themselves to be out of law, in which where the authorities were overthrown by force, until the constitutional order is restored in them," reads the document.


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