The Ministry of Revenue and Duties has proposed to include general data about insured individuals without revealing personal information in the insurer income tax declaration. Providing such data will indicate a transparent activity of insurance companies and will eliminate checks of controllers who are concerned about spread of shadow schemes on the market, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

In particular, the ministry proposes to declare the number of customers in the insurance company, the due and paid premiums, etc. The revised draft order of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties "On approval of insurer’s income tax declaration format" posted on the Ministry’s website.

Such measures are taken to pre-empt the tax evasion/minimization schemes, as about 3 billion UAH were hidden from taxation through pseudo-insurance in 2013 alone. These results were revealed by scheduled inspections of 50 insurance companies in 2013. "The tax legislation is quite soft to insurance market players, creating several opportunities for unscrupulous employers who use insurance companies for tax evasion purposes. For example, the 2013 statistics show that less than half of the operating insurance companies paid 99% of the taxes. Thus, a logical question arises to the other half of the insurers about their activities," said Minister of Revenue and Duties Olexandr Klimenko. 

One of the most common tax evasion schemes is the so-called pseudo insurance.  The scheme envisions making reinsurance payments to the tax holes, companies that are eliminated by filing fictitious bankruptcy and declaring inaccurate taxation data.


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