The leaders of the opposition must show some respect to the people of Ukraine and continue the talks with legitimately elected authorities, MP Vitaly Hrushevski, member of the Party of Regions parliamentary faction, states. 

"The leaders of the opposition have attempted to mount a coup d'etat and to form illegitimate and unconstitutional state institutions. Such actions are a direct and deliberate destruction of integrity and independence of Ukraine," the politician stressed.

"The opposition follows its own goals and inadequate ambitions. Ultimatums, hatred, human losses are the straight path to Ukraine's destruction. We must stop these clashes. Ukrainians do not need fire, provocations and victims. Ukrainians need a dialogue," he added and called up the opposition to continue the talks with legitimately elected authorities.

"For this we do not need any foreign mediators. We are wise and reasonable people, and we can decide on our country's further development independently," the politician summed up.  


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