The pilot hypertension management project, launched by the Ministry of Health last year, has been extended to 2014. The announcement was made by Oleksandr Tolstohanov, Deputy Minister of Health, at the dedicated video conference with regional offices of health care organizations, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

"The hypertension management project is an unprecedented event, and the main thing now is not to lose this treasure, to analyze all the mistakes and successes and move on. Through this program, people began to get real treatment, because physicians insisted on the need for such treatment, as well as on the capability to purchase discount medications in a wide range," Tolstohanov said.

Ministry of Health experts say the government appropriated 191.6 million UAH for the pilot project to introduce discounts for hypertension medications in 2013. Of those, 164.64 million have been used up. 11 regions have used 100% of provided funds, 10 regions used funds for over 85%. The balances remained on the balance sheet of the region administrations. 24 million project specific prescriptions were written in the past year. Of those, over 11 million UAH have been paid in part at the state expense. According to the ministry, the project involved about 12,100 pharmacies.

According to physicians, the number of strokes in Ukraine has fallen by 6.4%, the number of emergency calls for the hypertensive crises - by 16%. As reported by department experts, 9 of 12 million hypertensive patients saw a doctor in 2013. Some 60% of them now receive a permanent treatment, including that in the framework of the project.

The Health Ministry has decided to extend the project for 2014. The ministry reported that a government resolution has already been prepared and is expected to be approved by the Cabinet in the near future.


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