By results of 2013, the State Enterprise Ilyichivsk Commercial Sea Port, a universal international port and one of the largest on the Black Sea, have posted a sharp increase in cargo handling, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

According to operational data of logistics center at Ilyichevsk port, 13.749 million tons of import and export shipments were handled over 12 months of 2013. Also, handling of ore, sulfur, and grain exceeded that of 2012.

Handling of ore was 2.714 million tons, up 104,000 tons year-on-year. Bulk sulfur handling was 1.460 million tons, up 85,000 tons year-on-year.

Handling of grain was 2.251 tons, up 22,000 tons year-on-year and nearly 1.7 million tons from 2011.

Experts associate the efficiency and increase of turnover at Ilyichivsk commercial seaport with a phased introduction of Uniform Electronic Workflow System. The new system (over 2,000 containers are registered at the port today) integrates all parties to sea transportation in common information database "Single Window – Local Solution". Due to introduction of the information system, the cargo clearance duration at the port was reduced to 4 hours, whereas in 2012, the average clearance duration for grain containers was 40-45 hours.

The new technology really simplifies business management due to an expedited document workflow and eliminates corruption mechanisms due to lack of direct contact between business and officials. Experts believe that introduction of the information system at the port will significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the port. The "Single Window – Local Solution" mechanism will contribute to attracting the additional shipments to the port due to efficient management of logistics.

The 2013 was a landmark for Ilyichevsk seaport due to approval of a long-term investment strategy for the port till 2038, government analysts say. 


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