Nobody will manage to split the Ukrainian people, reads the address of President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych on the occasion of the Day of Unity and Freedom of Ukraine, the president’s press office informs.

 “On January 22, 1919, in Kyiv, on the St. Sophia Square, the Unification Act that reunited Ukrainian lands in the united Ukrainian state was proclaimed. As the document reads: "The territory of Ukraine divided over the centuries will now become a great united Ukraine. Dreams for which the best sons of Ukraine fought and died for have come true," he noted.

According to the President, it is national unity which is the precondition of establishing Ukraine as free European state.

 “Complicated processes currently taking place in Ukraine have become a test for the state maturity of our people, internal unity and tolerance. I am confident that Ukraine will become stronger and more hardened after passing its political and economic challenges,” Yanukovych said.

He noted that national interests, geopolitical balance and humanistic values remain the basis of our policy. “Our goal is justice, welfare, free life in a free county. This year, we begin the second stage of modernization of our state. The main accents are: increasing the efficiency of the Ukrainian state, gradual policy of social justice, establishment of modern competitive economy. We will continue improving the quality of education and medical assistance. We will ensure additional conditions for the development of small and medium business that will become a precondition for the increase of employment and the creation of new jobs. We will focus our efforts on combating corruption in all its manifestations. We will continue the initiated reforms of judiciary and law enforcement bodies. We are modernizing the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 2014 will also become a year of strengthening and development of local government. We will provide additional resources and authorities for the regions and local communities,” he said.

“We must foster cultural diversity of our people, mutual respect, harmony, spiritual consolidation of all Ukrainians. We are different but we are one. Nobody will manage to set us at loggerheads or divide us,” the Head of State stressed.

Yanukovych is confident that we all share such values and priorities like democracy, legal state, modernization of all spheres of public life. We will build a political dialogue on these priorities.

 “I am convinced that 2014 will become a year of mutual understanding and sincere dialogue on our common future between the representatives of different political forces and civil society. I am confident that honest dialogue is the only way to efficient solution of the tasks our state faces. I understand and support the desire of people to live in free, fair, strong and prosperous Ukraine. I will make everything to implement these aspirations,” he stated.

 “It is symbolic that in a few months we will celebrate the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. We must remember the prophetic words of the Great Kobzar: "In one's house there is one's truth, power and will". They must become a beacon for all of us and for the country as a whole. Our generation bears huge responsibility to ensure that freedom and unity of Ukraine will remain for our children and grandchildren forever. I congratulate you on the great holiday – the Day of Unity and Freedom of Ukraine!” congratulations read.

Today, January 22, Ukraine marks the Day of Unity and Freedom.


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