The laws, adopted in Ukraine on January 16, including new norms of holding mass protests and rallies, have been patterned after European legislation, expert Vladyslav Starynets told a press conference, a ForUm's correspondent reports.

"We head in the European direction, but the problem is that political strategists misuse the European practice. They give fragmented information and turn the events upside down," the expert said. 

"I've participated in many rallies in Europe, but it has never occurred to anybody there to wear a mask or storm administrative building. The fact is that according to the legislation of France or Italy, for example, wearing a mask during a rally is a punishable offence, and offenders face up to 1.5 thousand euro of fine, while fines for holding rallies in unauthorized or forbidden place go off the scale," Starynets pointed out.

According to him, if Ukraine agrees that Europe is its civilized choice, we must accept European laws as well, including those on principles of holding rallies.


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