Deputies of the Kyiv council call upon citizens to form vigilante groups to secure public order in the city streets.

According to deputy Alla Shlapak, extremism being observed in Kyiv streets is scary. "People have lost the feeling of safety. Fear is the only feeling that unites Kyiv residents now," she said at a press conference, dedicate to the situation in Kyiv, a ForUm's correspondent reports.

The official noted that in the so-called governmental quarter there are ten educational establishments with total of five thousand children studying there, but their security can be provided by teachers and parents only, as the law enforcement forces are heavily involved into conflict zones.

She has called on parents of school and kindergarten children to hold meetings and decide on security. "Parent can form vigilante groups to provide security to their children," the deputy proposed.

In turn, deputy of the Kyiv council Yuri Dmytruk noted that a law of Ukraine authorizes citizens to form vigilante groups. According to him, such practice was used during Euro-2012, when citizens along with law enforcement officers were patrolling the streets, and this approach proved itself efficient.

"As of now there are 12 516 members of vigilante groups registered in Kyiv. They do not have special equipment and they are not paid any salary for their services," he said and added that anyway vigilantes must have some identification badges, which can be issued at the expense of the city budget.

Deputies of the Kyiv council believe that regular people will trust vigilantes.


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