Behavior of certain European politicians during the crisis in Ukraine is rather high-handed, foreign minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov states.

"Members of several European governments rushed to the Maidan without any invitation and took part in anti-government demonstrations in a country with which they have diplomatic ties. This is simply indecent," Lavrov told a press conference, referring to the square in which protesters have been encamped for many weeks.

"You remember how it started - occupation of the city administration building, seizure of governmental facilities. Now we have attacks, arsons, "Molotov" cocktails, explosives, violence. I hardly imagine any EU country to allow such situation last long. It is violation of all European norms of behavior, and I believe the fact that the opposition proper starts talking sense into people proves that the situation is out of control," he added. 

According to the official, Russia "has no doubt that provocateurs with a long-prepared script" lurk behind the mass protests in Ukraine. Moreover, Lavrov defended the Ukrainian government’s right to take decisions on its national policy and criticized Western officials for interference and stirring up the situation.

Warning that the "situation is getting out of control", Lavrov added: "We have information that much of this is being stimulated from abroad."

At the same time, Lavrov noted that Russia had no intention to mediate the situation unless asked to, but nobody has till now. "There is only one reason we may interfere - if we are asked to, but as far as I know, no help is needed at this point," the minister said.


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