Escalation of the current crisis in Ukraine is reasoned by disorganization and halt of the parliamentary process. This opinion was expressed by chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Rybak in his article published in the "Holos Ukrainy" governmental newspaper.

"All the social processes developing in Ukraine since September one way or another affected the third session of the Verkhovna Rada. At the same time, the Parliament as one of the most important public institutions in the country and the deputies, who represents all segments of the population, have failed to fulfill their functions of political damper to minimize the social upheavals in the country. This is an absolute negative in the third session of the seventh convocation of the Parliament," Rybak said.

Analyzing the situation that prevailed in Parliament in November 2013 - January 2014, the speaker said that the main problem lies in the fact that "a significant part of parliamentarians, especially those who are now simulates own high political orbits, becomes more and more distant from voters and the realities of life and the country".


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