In 2014, the European Commission together with the SE National Nuclear Energy Company Energoatom will introduce the modern system of radiation monitoring RODOS (RODOS - Real Time On-line Decision Support System), which operates in all European Union countries, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

RODOS radiation monitoring system is by far the most effective and complete. RODOS forecast mathematical models, which were developed by 40 European institutions for over 20 years, in unparalleled in the world. The system uses information of station radiological monitoring, operational meteorological forecasts and simulates scenarios of radiation contamination based on the data. RODOS is effectively used to predict the migration of radionuclides in the air, in agricultural products, as well as in natural ecosystems to calculate doses of internal and external exposure of workers and public in the area of the accident.

Experts say RODOS includes mathematical models and databases to predict and assess the effects of possible radiation accidents, as well as emergency planning and long-term countermeasures using mathematical modeling based on neural computers. Experts assure that this is the main advantage of the new system as neural computing allows to predict the development of the situation in the event of an accident, in particular, the direction of radiation contamination.


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