The State Statistics Service of Ukraine published statistics on freight traffic in 2013. According to economic analysts, the national economy was in a recession during 2013, but started to recover by the end of the year, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

As you know, freight traffic indirectly reflects the economic situation. If the economy is shrinking, the freight traffic falls as well. And alternatively, the freight traffic grows with the economy growth.
Analysts say the State Statistics data give reason for a cautious optimism.

Despite the fact the freight traffic is down by 1.9% YOY in 2013, experts recognize a positive trend in recent months.

All kinds of transport carried 757.7 million tons of business cargo in 2013. 68.4 million tons of cargo were transported in December 2013, which is up 2.4 million tons from December 2012 .
If you analyze the situation with freight in the fourth quarter of 2013 and in 2012, we can see that 8.4 million tons were transported in the last quarter of 2013, which is up 4.2% YOY. It indicates a positive trend in the national economy.

Some 37.2 million tons of cargo were transported by rail in December 2013, which is up 1.2 million tons YOY. The railroad transport carried 76.7 million tons of cargo From November to December 2013, which is up 1.2 million tons YOY.


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