A draft bill on amendments to the article 146 of the Family Code of Ukraine regarding children names, developed by PR deputies Elbrus Tedeyev, Volodymyr Mysyk and "UDAR" MP Artur Palatnyi, was registered in the parliament on January 14, 2014.

"A child can be give maximum two names unless otherwise stipulated by customs of national minorities, among which the mother and/or farther ranks. The name must correspond with the sex of a child. A child cannot be given a name including inanimate objects, fictional characters, geographic names, flora and fauna, titles, diseases, combination of letters, symbols and/or digits, abbreviations," the document reads.

At the same time the draft bill stipulates that in case civil registry bodies refuse to register the name, which does not meet the requirements of the Code article, parents have the right to challenge the refusal in court.

According to the authors of the document, the adoption of this draft bill will prevent the violation of children rights upon giving a name.


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