The State Statistics Service of Ukraine has published data on grapes processing for wine-making materials by Ukrainian companies in 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

According to the State Statistics Service, the volume of grapes processed for wine material was 425,400 tons, which is up 29%, or  95,700 tons YOY. Thus, 28.3 million decaliters (dal) wine materials have been produced. This is up 22.6%, or 5.2 million tons YOY.

Agricultural market experts say Odessa region remains the largest grape grower in Ukraine. The same region is the leader in grapes processing for wine material.  

Thus, at year-end 2013 the Odessa region accounted for 44% of total processed grapes, the Autonomous Republic of Crimea - 23%, Nikolayev region - 17%, Kherson region - 10%.

In 2013, enterprises processed 113,700 tons  of own grown grapes. It is 26.7% of the total processed grapes (28% in 2012). The own grapes were mostly used by Sevastopol (84.3%) and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea (37.3%).

At the same time, companies have processed about 3,000 tons of customer owned material, accounting for less than 1% of the total processed grapes. In 2013, 12.985 million dal of raw materials for wine making were produced (93.7% YOY), 1.117 million dal (130.5%) were sent for ageing.


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