The period of New Year and Christmas holidays is over. It would be nice if we kept as a remembrance only presents, good mood and fond memories. But very often it happens that after festive marathon we also keep baggy eyes, extra kilos, stomachache, fatigue and other unpleasant surprises. And those to blame are gastronomic indulgence and abuse of alcohol. However, do not worry, dietician Oksana Skitalynska explains how to recover strength and health fast and easily.

Good bye Russian salad

So, to step back into the ranks after the festivities, we should focus on food. Russian salad, fried chicken, jelly, herring in “shuba-coat” must leave your fridge immediately. "To recover strength do not eat heavy food like sausages, salami, chicken legs, smoke products, mayonnaise, various sauces and alcohol," Skitalynska says.

According to the specialists, the first thing to do is to detox the organism. "Eat fibrous products, like vegetables, fruits, berries and cereals. Dietary fibre is a sorbing agent, which absorbs and excretes toxic substances," the dietician says.

Moreover, the expert recommends to eat more dairy products for rapid liver recovery. "Milk whey is one of such products. It is cheap and very effective way to recover strength. For example, eat fermented milk products, eggs and fruit for breakfast, streamed chicken and a vegetable salad for lunch and fish and some cheese for dinner. Correct proportion of protein products to fruits and vegetables is one to three," she explains.

Skitalynska also recommends to cut down your salt intake. "Salt causes your body to retain water leading to bloating and swelling. Reduce the amount of salt in your diet; for instance, don’t add salt during the cooking process and stop salting your meals at the table," the doctor adds.

Other recommendations include drinking more water. According to Skitalynska, the more water you drink the faster toxins are removed from the organism. "The best variant is to drink a glass of water before meal and a glass of water after. It can be natural water or water with lemon, orange or grapefruit juice. Green tea, compotes, fruit-drinks and coffee are also good detoxicators," the dietician recommends. 

Moreover, always follow the dietary regime. "Never miss your breakfast, as it launches your metabolism process. Lunch also must be regular. If you are too busy and do not have time for proper lunch, drink at least a glass of kefir. Every miss of meal depresses metabolism leading to extra kilos and metabolic disease," Skitalynska says.

Hello sport

Apart from proper diet, it is needed to increase physical activity. It does not mean you have to run to the nearest gym and lift weights. "Sofa-fridge-sofa is the most common route we take during winter holidays, thus an hour walk in fresh air will do you good. Also do not forget simple morning exercises like stretching  and leaning," the specialists recommends.

Skitalynska assures that daily walks will not only make you feel and look better but will also gradually cure any chronic diseases. "Physical activity is a wonder treatment for our organism. It enriches our cells with oxygen and removes toxic substances," she adds.

Sweatbath or a bath with sea salt are also good for the organism and strength recovery. And, of course, do not forget about good mood. According to the specialists, good mood balances metabolism and improves general well-being.

Thus, following these simple rules, in a week or two you will get rid of blues and extra kilos, improve your well-being and recover strength and energy. Moreover, these recommendations will not only help your to recover after festivities, but also stay in shape always. Good luck!

Daryna Schwartzman  


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