Ukraine's Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources has approved a Plan for safe consumption and environmental labeling system development. Information about healthy products will now become available to every Ukrainian, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Oleg Proskuryakov, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, approved the Plan for joint actions 2014 between the Ministry and scientific and public organizations. In accordance with international and European standards, the Ukrainian government will develop opportunities for enhancing environmentally safe consumption and eco-labeling in Ukraine. Application of the best European and international practices in compliance with the healthy society criteria will enable Ukraine to become a truly developed and prosperous country with a strong economy and a healthy nation.

The actions approved by the Ministry will help join resources in order to increase awareness and knowledge of institutions, organizations and consumers in the field of technical regulations for environmental protection, environmental management, cleaner production and eco-friendly consumption. In particular, it is planned to hold a series of information campaigns, seminars and trainings. Government experts say development of environmental standards will become the basis for improving the quality of food in the near future.

Ukrainians will be encouraged to switch to voluntary application of national and regional standards. The population will receive integrated controls of food safety based on the principle "from the Field to the Table" on the basis of international and European standards. In general, in the near future it will be possible to observe development of environmental certification and labeling of products, ensuring increased access of Ukrainian goods to foreign markets and improvement of consumer protection.


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