The torch marches organized by nationalists from the Svoboda (Freedom) group in the center of the capital and other cities of Ukraine on January 1, 2014 again showed cynical attempts of young people throwing aside all restraint to hide their filthy deeds by patriotic slogans, the Party of Regions said, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

"Under the guise of the European future Ukrainian nationalists are carrying ghosts and nightmares of the past to our country. Torch marches, worship to a leader, storming parties, destruction of monuments, demolition of administrative and public buildings and lynching in the streets – everything was in the history of Europe in 1920-1930s. However, it's occurred that such historic examples inspire the primitive opposition," reads a report of the press service of the Party of Regions.

The press service said that the Party of Regions hopes that "international society won't be indifferent to the attempts of certain political forces to revive fascism in Ukraine and make Nazi collaborators who swore Hitler heroes."

"The Party of Regions asks authorities to assess the instigating and provoking actions of radical nationalists and not allow fascism spread in Ukraine.

The Party of Regions said that Nazism does not fit Ukraine and supporters of Nazism will be stopped.
"Those who will try to use violence will be punished under Ukrainian law," the report said.


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