The New Year is knocking on the door, but you still do not know where and how to welcome it? Don't worry. Absence of plans for the Eve is not a tragedy. You can always opt for a plate of Russian salad, sofa and TV. But if you are tired of the usual scenario, ForUm offers several ideas how to organize fun within limited time.

And to provide proofs, we offer you the list of interesting ideas, tried and approved by Kyiv residents and guests of the capital.

1. I Hope You Enjoyed Your Bath

Thus, the option number one is to go to a bath-house. Why not? Like in the time-honoured movie "The irony of fate of I hope you enjoyed your bath". "To stay in a bath-house on December 31, especially when outside is frosty and snowy, is a pure pleasure," says Mykhailo, who traditionally comes to Kyiv to welcome in the New Year.

According to Mykhailo, the procedures and atmosphere there are a good start of the true rest. "We stay in the baths till eight in the evening. Sometimes we go there on January 1. It's a great treat to me to go to Russian baths. Moreover, the facilities are built in a manner to prevent different groups of people to cross and disturb each other. After the baths we meet at the festive table somewhere in the country, club or somewhere else."

2. On the waves

The second idea will be interesting for extreme or exotics lovers. So, if you have not made it to a warm country for winter holidays, why not to take the family and go to a water park? 

"We have a tradition to take children and go to a water park. Kids are so happy to ride various slides. My sons have rather big age gap, but on this day they forget about all disputes and have fun together. Such moments bring you in a state of feast, when all problems and worries are gone," Kyiv resident Tetyana says.

According to her, parks are not crowded on such days, and the atmosphere of a family holiday is not disturbed by inflow of tourists.

"Later in the evening we go home and traditionally welcome in the New Year at the festive table. Moreover, children use the major part of their energy in the park and the celebration itself goes quietly (smiling - ed.). I think other mothers will understand me. There is no need to get children to go to sleep. The next morning we usually go for a walk along Dnipro or Kyiv center."

3. On the road

Rather unusual idea offers you to welcome in the New Year right in a train, and it is not just a turn of events, but a planned and organized event. Andriy from Kyiv tells that looking for new impressions several years ago he and his friend decided to celebrate the New Year in a train.

"We had a company of 25 people and decided to go to Odessa. We even bought a small New Year tree to preserve the traditional atmosphere of the holiday. At first, other passengers were looking at us vexedly, but then joined willingly. Everybody in the car was having fun, except for the conductor, though (smiling - ed.)."

"The next morning we went to the cinema, but nobody cared about the movie as we were so sleepy after the night of celebrations. After cinema we walked in the city and the same evening left for home," Andriy tells.

Those who for some reason have to take a train on the New Year night also can consider this option.

4. Down from a mall, straight to the ball

This story speaks about a good opportunity to recall old friends and finally meet them. The practice proves that train tickets are available even at the last moment, just do not forget to warn your friends about your arrival.

Ivan tells that one time he and his friend did not know what to do on the New Year Eve, and on December 30 decided to leave Kyiv and go to Moscow to see their friend.

"We were welcoming in the New Year in the dormitories of the Moscow State University. Those who have ever lived in dormitories will understand (smiling - ed.). On January 2 we were kicked out and spent the day walking in the center of Moscow. We did not have return tickets and decided to hitch-hike. We arrived to Kaluga, but it was so cold that we decided to continue traveling by train. We still recall that journey, it made so many positive impressions," Ivan says.
5. Game of chance

The option number five includes a theme party. The practice shows that organization of such event does not require much time and efforts. And the example of Kyiv resident Iryna is a good proof of it.
"Once we booked seats in a restaurant for the New Year night, but on December 30 we learned that the reservation fell through. At first, every one was upset, but then we decided to organize the whole thing by ourselves. We opted for a masquerade. We did not have many places to go, and decided that a garage of one of our friends would do just fine. We bought dresses, products, drinks, decorated the place, and in the evening the fun began. You know, it is even better that we did not manage to get to that restaurant. Now we have a new tradition to organize a theme party for every New Year Eve. It does not take much time to organize and prepare everything, but celebrations go perfectly," Iryna says.

6. Icy kingdom

On the New Year Eve you can also go skating. Why not? At least the atmosphere is appropriate - ice, Fathers Frost and Snow Maidens skating around you... According to student Oleksandr, for those who enjoy skating it is a great entertainment. However, those who are not good skaters are better choose a different fun.

"I recall this story through tears. But now these are tears of laugh. Once we decided with my friends to go skating on the New Year Eve to have some fun before sitting at the festive table. It turned out that all my friends knew how to skate, but for me it was the first time. While all my friends were having fun sliding around, I grabbed the banking board and spent an hour walking slowly along it trying not to fall down (smiling - ed.). As you understand, there was not much fun for me, but later at the table my skating, so to say, was the key conversation topic. I was the Hero. It has been the most memorable New Year Eve in my life," Oleksandr says. 
7. Rolling New Year

Those who do not risk to go skating on New Year Eve can always opt for bowling. And to make the game different, you can dress one of your friends into Santa's suit and prepare presents and punishments for strikes and misses. Trust your imagination.

8. Farther Frost himself

The idea number eight proposes to put on the suit of the Farther Frost or Snow Maiden and go visiting friends and relatives, or even strangers, according to Yuri from Donetsk.

"One time me and my wife simply did not have time to prepare for the New Year celebrations due to large amount of work: annual reports, business trips and so on. But we did not want to stay home the whole night either, so we decided to buy suits of the Farther Frost and Snow Maiden and go congratulating our friends on the New Year Eve. That night we visited four places. Some of our friends decided to join us. They dressed in some New Year characters and went with us. We celebrated till six o'clock in the morning and had so much fun," Yuri says.

9. In quest of adventure

Those who like surprises and new acquaintances will like the idea of Anastasia. If you do not have any plans for this New Year Eve, go to buy a ticket.

"I have a tradition to welcome in the New Year every time in a new place with new people. I've celebrated the New Year in trains, hotels, houses of complete strangers, but this drive is what I enjoy the most. Thus, if you have not decided yet what to do on the New Year Eve, meet new people through Internet, go to buy a train or plane ticket and go on a quest of adventure," she says.

This New Year Eve Anastasia will welcome in Maidan, working for the beloved editorial office. "I believe we should experience as many things as possible in life, and I hope to meet new and interesting people there," the colleague says.

10. Irregular New Year

Those who do not have an opportunity to spend this night in a company of friends or dears should not lose heart. After all, we can organize a holiday when we want, even such holiday as the New Year. Kateryna from Zaporizhya, for example, once celebrated the New Year in February.

"Back then I lived in Paris and could not come to Ukraine for the New Year, but I badly wanted a true holiday, traditional congratulations and endless fun with my friends. Thus, we agreed to organize the celebration of the New Year when I was back. A friend of mine, whose place we chose for celebrations, kept the New Year tree till February. That night we cooked traditional dishes, were listening to New Year songs and recalling events of the passed year. At midnight we listened to the recorded congratulations of the President, and when the clock was striking twelve we opened a bottle of champaign and shouted "Happy New Year"! You may not believe it, but the atmosphere was truly New Year's," Katya tells.

As we see, there are many variants and ideas to celebrate this bright holiday, and you can spend the New Year night in style not spending too much time and efforts for its organization. Happy holidays!

Tetyana Matsur, photos provided by protagonists


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