Considering the press of modern life it is hard to predict where everyone of us will be tomorrow, let alone to make plans on vacation. And though the New Year and Christmas holidays have always been important for our country, the latest events have made adjustments to the life of Ukraine in general and of a single Ukrainian in particular.

The year of 2013 has been memorable and unusual for all, and especially for people's deputies. In this respect, ForUm decided to ask Ukrainian politicians about their plans for New Year and Christmas holidays.

Volodymyr Bondarenko, MP ("Motherland"):

- I will celebrate New Year in Maidan with my family, with my grandsons. We celebrated the year of 2005 in Maidan as well, and it will be our second New Year in Maidan. I would rather celebrate it at home, but we understand that celebrations in Maidan will be more ceremonial. 
As for Christmas, we traditionally celebrate it at home as a Christian family, with traditional dishes and ceremonies. Our family follows and tries to preserve Christian customs for our children and grandchildren. We will also watch developments in Maidan and, of course, will bring presents there.

Oleksandr Stoyan, MP (Party of Regions):

- New Year holidays I will traditionally celebrate in Kyiv with my family and neighbors, and with those who come to visit.

Oleksandr Shevchenko, MP ("Svoboda"):

- I plan to celebrate New Year and Christmas at home. The years run by fast, and when you are over 70 the years pass like seconds. New Year eve is the time to sum up the results of the passing year and to analyze your life. I always celebrate New Year at home.

Pavlo Rozenko, MP ("UDAR"):

- I can say with 99% assurance that I will celebrate this New Year Eve in Maidan. I believe Maidan is now the central spot of Ukraine, its people and their aspirations. I count on these events to improve the life in our country. Thus, I think I and my family will welcome in the New Year there.

Roman Bezsmertny, former head of the President's Administration:

- I will celebrate New Year holidays at home with my family. We will gather out in the country, near Kyiv, with dear friends and relatives.

Lesya Orobets, MP ("Motherland"):

- Most probably I will celebrate the New Year Eve in Maidan - it is hard to imagine a better company, as the majority of my dear ones will be there. As for Christmas, I'd love to spend it with my family, as for the latest events I did not spend much time with my dears.

Borys Deich, MP (Party of Regions):

- I am from Crimea and will celebrate New Year holidays there. I invite everyone to Sudak. We are not very numerous there, but it is always nice and cozy on any season. 

Andriy Pavlovski, MP ("Motherland"):

- The Pavlovkis always celebrate New Year Eve in the family circle, but this year we've decided to go to Maidan and welcome in the New Year with the people. As for Christmas, we may stay home or may go to Maidan again, we have not decided yet.

Oleh Lyashko, non-factional MP:

- I will celebrate the New Year Eve with my family in Maidan. As for Christmas, we plan to celebrate it at home in the family circle. Anyway, we do not plan on leaving Kyiv. Moreover, these holidays I have many meetings -  I will travel all over the country congratulating orphans and disabled and performing as Father Frost and Saint Nicholas.

Bohdan Beniuk, national artist, MP("Svoboda"):

- I will celebrate the New Year and Christmas holidays with my nearest and dearest. I am 57 years old and 50 of them I've been going round carol-singing. And this year I will do the same in my village with my children and grandchildren.

Volodymyr Yavoryvski, MP ("Motherland"):

- I will celebrate the New Year Eve with my family in Maidan. We will welcome in the New Year, will congratulate people and then, at night, will go home to spend some time with dears.  

Yaroslav Sukhiy, MP (Party of Regions):

- I've always celebrated New Year holidays at home with family, and this year is not an exception. It is a family holiday, and I will not go to Maidan.


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