The Cabinet has approved a financial plan of State Air Traffic Enterprise of Ukraine (Ukraerorukh) for 2014, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

According to the approved financial plan, in 2014, the net income (revenue) from sale of works (services) is planned to reach 2742.8 million UAH, which is up 6.2% YOY. The profit will reach 146.7 million UAH, which is up 5% YOY.

According to experts of Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ukraerorukh is authorized by the state civil aviation regulator. It carries out the air navigation services in Air Traffic Service (ATS) in Ukraine and in the air over the high seas, where responsibility for ATS is assigned to Ukraine by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The main functions of Ukraerorukh include: air traffic management; radio-technical and electro-technical support of air traffic; support of activity and development for Joint Civil-Military Air Traffic System; arrangement of emergency notification and participation in search and rescue operations; provision of aeronautical information to airspace users.

Experts say the approved financial plan of Ukraerorukh for 2014 ensures safe and efficient air navigation in airspace, where responsibility is assigned to Ukraine.

Also, financial plan of Ukraerorukh for 2014 is based on the business plan for 2013-2017, which was first developed in close long-term cooperation with Directorate Single Sky of Eurocontrol in terms of standards and requirements of European aviation community for such documents.

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