The main task of the government is to prevent disturbance and unite people around further reformation and modernization of the country, President Viktor Yanukovych stated at the meeting of the Council of Regions.

"Our main task is to prevent disturbance. We must hold the nationwide dialogue and it should bring only benefits. Disturbance will first of all affect the most vulnerable groups of people like pensioners and children. We must look for the things that would unite everyone in the state. The desire to accelerate changes is such a unifying factor. This energy of changes is the energy of further reformation and modernization of the country," the Head of State emphasized.

According to the President, one of the key problems is violation of human rights and freedoms as well as corruption. These are the reasons why one part of the citizens requires prompt and even radical actions of the government and the other expects more gradual and evolutionary way.

"I cannot agree with oppositional forces that are trying to use the given situation to gain power. Several political leaders are openly speculating the moods and desires of our compatriots trying to direct this energy at radical actions. It is inadmissible. We will not let this happen. We will live under the Constitution and the laws of Ukraine," Yanukovych noted.

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