The State Administration of Railroad Transport of Ukraine Ukrzaliznitsia (UZ) plans to provide for construction of housing for its workers at least 300 million UAH in 2014. UZ also plans to build 719 apartments in 14 towns in 2013-2014. Deeds for apartments will be issued to railroad employees in Lviv, Lugansk, Znamenka, Kharkov, Sinelnikovo, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers informs.

The first result of a housing program is a new 9-storey apartment building in Kherson, where 109 families of UZ workers were given apartments for free. 

Also, another 35 apartments will become available at the same address in summer 2014. Construction progress is currently 50%. The housing project will help improve living conditions of workers, increase motivation for development and contribute to retaining staff at UZ, government experts say.

It should be noted that the construction division of the Odessa railroad has built a new apartment building for its employees in accordance with modern energy efficient technologies. The building has a dedicated gas boiler. Each apartment has heat meters and thermostats to control the temperature in the rooms depending on the ambient temperature.

Doorways have motion sensors that turn on lights when people come through the entrance, street lighting is also automatic. Apartments have double glazing  windows, the exterior walls have thermal insulation.
According to experts, the funding of the UZ housing program will total about 300 million UAH in 2014. This will allow each of the six Ukrainian railroads provide housing for at least one hundred of its employees.


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