Loan, proposed to Ukraine by the Russian Federation, is more profitable than the IMF offer, President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych said in interview with representatives of Ukrainian media.

"In course of negotiations I thought on how to pass this period, difficult not only for Ukraine but for the whole world as well. No country passes it without losses. Ukraine bears losses. However, we protect the interests of the Ukrainian people. We think about how not to lower social standards. If you compare the terms of loans (proposed by IMF and Russia - Ed.), the Russian loan is definitely profitable, because Russia has not put any additional conditions. Everything is in the contract," he said.

He noted that Ukraine continues to cooperate with the IMF, which is a partner of our country.

"Certainly, such decisions are not accepted without the political will. Our common interest lies in the road map, which describes the trade and economic relations between the countries. Our history is a humanitarian component, which can not be ignored as well," he said.


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