Today the government reviewed the Concept of the State target program of social and professional adaptation for servicemen, who are subject to discharge and persons discharged from military service, for the period until 2017. Implementation of the program and monitoring of its implementation is entrusted to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

In order to successfully integrate soldiers in the civil society, the government approved the target program for retraining of ex-military personnel, giving them the opportunity to acquire a civil trade.
The document envisions that the servicemen who have been discharged to reserve duty, who do not have a civil specialty are entitled to social and professional adaptation and retraining. The state will allocate funds to retrain ex-military personnel in vocational schools.

Experts say that the last program like that was adopted in 2007, and expired in December 2011. Now the issue is even more pertinent due to adoption of the new military reform, envisioning a significant reduction of the army and paramilitary staffing by 2017.

According to expert data, during the period of reform, about 42,000 servicemen will be discharged in the reserve. Half of them – 21,000 persons - have the right for retraining. They include ex-military staff with military service record exceeding 10 years and a positive performance record, as well as those laid-off in connection with the reform, or discharged from service for health reasons. Also, the serving conscripts who were not employed prior to being drafted, are eligible to participate in the program after demobilization. Also, if necessary, their family members can use this program.


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