Today, the Cabinet passed a decree on redistribution of funds for the Ministry of Education and Science, allocated in the State Budget 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

Due to optimization of costs included in the departments estimates, 4.687 million UAH have become available, which were decided to be used for budget expenditures of the Education Ministry which need additional funding.
In fact, in calculating the budget for 2013 to pay for the energy and utilities consumed by the Ministry, the costs have been underestimated.

Experts report that the escalation of the problem might have led to arrears that would be impossible to repay from a special fund. It must be noted that educational institutions repaid their debts for past periods from funds allocated in the State Budget for 2013.

Experts say that redistribution of expenditure of the general fund of the Ministry of Education and Science will create conditions for implementation at the appropriate level of basic functions and tasks assigned to schools, and will prevent their disconnection for failure to repay the debts for electricity, heat, water, and gas.

According to analytical data, the costs will be optimized exclusively using funds allocated to the Ministry from the State Budget 2013, which is allowed without any additional budgetary appropriations.

Thus, the savings will go to the balance of the higher educational institutions of Accreditation Level I and II, vocational schools and colleges where they are most needed.


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