The Cabinet has approved a Procedure for granting and determining size of financial aid to victims of emergencies, who remained in the same place of residence, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

The decree explains that, in accordance with Item 3, Article 89 of the Civil Protection Code, the procedure shall establish a mechanism for determining the amount of monetary assistance to victims of emergencies that refused to evacuate, or to be evicted, and remained in the same place of residence.
Also, the victims are defined as persons, houses (apartments) which have been damaged due to an emergency or disaster management operations. The lists of victims shall be identified and approved by local governments. They will also issue certificates about the status of a person who has suffered from an emergency, based on an Ukrainian passport or other identity document.

Regarding the provision of a lump sum assistance and its size, it will be determined by the Council of Ministers of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and local executive authorities.
In this case, the decision should be made within five days of the damaged property survey. The monetary assistance to victims will range from 3 to 15 living wages.
Also, in determining the amount of financial aid, the size of material damage, insurance payments and other assistance will be taken into account.

Actually, since Dec. 1, 2013 the total cost of living in Ukraine is 1,176 UAH, whereas, for the working age population it is 1,218 UAH, for children aged 6 to 18 – 1,286 UAH.

According the draft State Budget 2014 prepared by the Cabinet, in 2014 the living wage for the main social and demographic groups will increase to 1,207 UAH from July 1 to 1,256 UAH from October 1. For children aged 6 to 18, to 1,320 UAH from July 1, to 1,373 UAH from Oct. 1, and  for able-bodied persons to 1,250 UAH from July 1 to 1,301 UAH from October 1.


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