Ukrainian hryvnia demonstrates one of the highest levels of stability in the world, famous financial expert Andriy Onistrat told BTB channel.

"... I don't know what can be a bigger proof than stable rate for four and a half years. Well, it's rate may range within 2%, but I do not know more stable currency than hryvnia," he said and added the financial sector has not suffered due to current political situation.

According to the expert, the banking system is way stronger now than during the crisis of 2008, and much of it is owed to the National Bank and its policy.

"The National Bank took fast and timely decision on provision of refinancing to the majority of Ukrainian banks, and it saved the day," Onistrat noted.

The expert also underlined that hryvnia would remain stable and advised against the withdrawal of hryvnia deposits or their conversion into foreign currency ones. "I don't think people should rush and withdraw their hryvnia deposits or convert them into dollars. In this case people gain no interest and lose income after all," he summed up.


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