The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has disclosed preliminary information on the main trends on the monetary market of Ukraine in November 2013, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

Experts of Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks (IAUB) were pleasantly surprised by poise of the population. According to the NBU, fears that street protests would cause panic and bank customers to make withdrawls did not materialize. November 2013 demonstrated a positive dynamics of monetary market, which was observed throughout the year.

In November, personal deposits in banks grew by 4.9 billion UAH. The total amount of personal deposits reached the highest level in history of Ukrainian banking system – 435.6 billion UAH.

Meanwhile, the remarkable fact is that, despite the fear of panic on currency market, personal deposits in national currency grew by 5.6 billion UAH, while deposits in foreign currency fell by 0.7 billion UAH.

Experts say the data convincingly demonstrate that, despite the apocalyptic forecasts of some experts and politicians, population remains calm and confident in the ability of the government and NBU to ensure stability of the banking system and national currency.

Growth of personal deposits in November was a solid basis for growth in scope of lending to real economy sector.

In November, total loan portfolio of the banks grew by 14.8 billion UAH. This is the largest monthly gain in 2013, note the IAUB experts.

Since beginning of the year, loan portfolio has grown by 9%, up to 882.2 billion UAH.


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