Health promotion projects have been successfully ongoing in the Ukrainian regions. A number of pilot projects to regulate medication prices have been launched. They are performed in the framework of the social initiatives proposed by President Viktor Yanukovych, as well as in accordance with the Cabinet’s decree "On implementation of a pilot project to introduce state regulation for medication prices for treatment of individuals with hypertension", the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

In particular, 4.523 million UAH have been appropriated by the State Budget to implement the project at Kherson, one of the pilot regions. Lina Bondareva, Deputy Head of Department of Health of the Kherson Regional State Administration reportes on the successful progress of the project in her region: "To date, all funds have been used, representing 100% of the appropriated funds and 100% of the funds envisioned for 2013." However, Bondarev added, prescriptions for free drugs are continued to be issued.

According to analysts of the Ministry of Health, currently 285,051 hypertensive patients are registered in the Kherson region, which, in fact, is almost every fourth resident of the region. During the project implementation period,  the number of emergency calls because of hypertension fell by 20%.

A pilot project works in Kyiv as well. Over the period of its implementation almost 830,000 prescriptions for antihypertensive drugs were issued. Analysts report that the Kyiv project has received a total of 11.722 million UAH from the state and city budgets. Also, 479 pharmacies are involved in the project in the capital.

The observers of a pilot project in Khmelnytsky region also report positive results.  The number of emergency calls fell by 12%, the number of strokes fell by 6% during the project implementation period.


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