50.07% of protocols of election commissions in five single-member constituencies of repeat parliamentary elections have been processed, the Central Election Commission reports.

According to the latest data, self-nominated candidate Ruslan Badayev leads in the 94th district with 61/1% of votes, "Motherland" candidate Arcadiy Kornatski leads in 132nd district with 48.4% of votes, self-nominated candidate Mykhailo Poplavski leads in 194th district with 52.79%, "Motherland" candidate Leonid Datsenko leads in 197th district with 62.64% and self-nominated candidate Viktor Pylypyshyn leads in 223rd district with 44.66%.

As a reminder, on December 15 Ukraine held repeat parliamentary elections in five single-member constituencies, for which there were 649 voting stations established - 605 regular and 44 special ones, including one in a polar station.

In total, there were 765.093 thousand voting papers issued and 152 candidates running for five mandates.

The Central Election Commission registered 385 official international observers and, according to observers, violations were registered in all voting stations.

At the same time, CEC received only 26 reports on violations - 12 reports from people's deputies, nine from candidates and five from citizens. According to CEC deputy head Andriy Mahera, 17 complaints reported violations during election campaigning and only one complaint reported bribing of voters.

However, according to him, 22 complaints were returned without consideration due to poor documentation, and only one was redirected to the Prosecutor' General Office.


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