Ukraine and the European Union conduct intensive consultations to sign the Association Agreement in the near future, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov said in interview with Euronews channel after talks with EU Commissioner Stefan Fule.

“The main result is that it’s obvious now that there is no pause in the negotiations. The negotiations are underway, they are going successfully. We have today more than three hours to discuss the maximum scope of issues, and develop concrete activities, as I and Stefan Fule announced at a joint press conference,” Arbuzov said.

According to him, now the parties are working on a road map, which will define the mutual obligations of the parties in the process of signing the association, set clear deadlines and necessary steps.

“What we are creating is a sort of working document. It will shape the progress of our negotiations step by step. The road map will set out the time schedules and specific actions to take in coming to sign the agreement,” First Deputy Prime Minister explained.

Arbuzov added that he was happy with the constructive dialogue between Ukraine and EU. “It is a dialogue, which we were hoping for. And I am very satisfied with our meeting. I think both sides see now where we are going and what the goal is”.

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