Ukrainian Railroads Ukrzaliznitsia (UZ) plans to complete a phased transition to the new transportation management system by 2019. It is planned to form new traffic control centers at the Ukrainian railroads: one main center at UZ and six others in the regions. 14 management areas formed at UZ railroads will be subordinate to regional centers, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The new management technology will be implemented through structural changes and technical re-equipment of control centers to further automatize traffic control.

"The goal of this innovation is to implement an effective management structure for the transportation process (for efficient management of operations) and upgrade the appropriate technologies through their automation," said Vasily Kapshai, UZ PMU Lead Engineer.

Regional traffic control centers are being established at the Donetsk and Southern railroads, experts say. Donetsk railroads are about to finish the Lugansk region traffic control with the base in Lugansk and Debaltsevo directorates. There are two such centers at Donbas – Yasinovataya and Krasniy Liman.

Experts forecast that the new transportation department of Lugansk area traffic control will be launched on January 1, 2014. It will re-subordinate the line stations and optimize dispatching areas.

The number of dispatch stations at the Southern Railroad is also being optimized, their length extended. Five segments are being redistributed: Kharkov junction, Merefa Lozovaja junction, Novo-Bovarskiy junction, Lyubotinskaya junction, and Bogodukhov-Vorozhba junction. Four new segments are expected to be based on them, with  ongoing preparatory works at other junctions.


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