Mass street protests continue in Kyiv.

2:56 pm - For the last 24 hours the police department received six reports on fights among protesters in the Independence Square in Kyiv.

2:33 pm - A criminal proceeding has been instituted on the case of dismantling of the gates in the yard of the Kyiv city state administration.

December 18. 11:05 am - As of 6 am of December 18, three protesters sought medical assistance and two of them were hospitalized.

11:50 am - As of 6 am of December 17, seven protesters sought medical assistance and five of them were hospitalized.

10:40 am - Police is checking information on robbing of a storage facility in the Kyiv city state administration by protesters.

10:12 am - Police cordoned off Hryshevsky street, up the European Square near "Dynamo" stadium.
December 17. 9:44 am - The rally in support of the authorities continues in the Constitution Square.

12:54 pm - As of 9 am of December 16, seven protesters sought medical assistance of emergency  teams.

December 16.
8:24 am - Another night of mass street protests in the Independence Square went without incidents.

5:31 pm - According to the preliminary forensic expertise, the man in Maidan died of acute heart failure.

4:12 pm - Picketing of the building of the Security Service of Ukraine in Volodymyrska street in Kyiv is over.

3:53 pm - A file of protesters left Khreshchatyk to picket the Central Election Commission in Lesya Ukrainka Square.

2:36 pm - No signs of violent death have been found on the body of a man, who was hospitalized from Maidan and died in ambulance.

12:27 pm - The third popular assembly "The Day of Honour" is being held in Kyiv, in the Independence Square.

12:19 pm - A man died in the Independence Square in Kyiv.

12:12 pm -  A rally is being held in Mariinski park in support of President Viktor Yanukovych.

December 15. 11:45  am - Interior Ministry Vitaly Zakharchenko is surprised with the request of the EU ambassador Jan Tombinski not to storm the building of the Kyiv city state administration.

8:52 pm - Opposition leaders calling on Ukrainians to come for the next popular assembly - the Day of Honor, to be held on December 15 at noon in Maidan.
8:10 pm - Police cordons in Trekhsvyatitelska and Khreshchatyk street on the side of European square are lifted.
7:35 pm - In Hrushevski street, near Lobanovski stadium, law enforcements changed the guard and sang national anthem.

5:11 pm - Rally of the Party of Regions followers is over.

4:19 pm - Protesters in the European Square are leaving.

3:51 pm - Barricades in Khreshchatyk, near Central Trade Center, expand.

3:04 pm - A groups of protesters from Maidan tried to enter the rally in the European Square, being held in support of the authorities.

2:46 pm - Activists in Khreshchatyk appeal to protesters for peace.

12:16 pm - A rally of the Party of Regions followers started in the European Square, in support of the authorities.

11:21 am - An activist, reported missing by a people's deputy, has been found.

10:56 am - The night and morning in the Independence Square went quietly.

December 14. 10:23 am - A file of protesters from Maidan went to picket the Defence Ministry.

8:19 pm - Interior Ministry admits police committed violations during clashes in Maidan on November 30 in Kyiv.
7:42 pm - Certain subway stations may be limited for entry and exit during the weekend due to mass street protests in Kyiv.
5:55 pm - The Party of Regions applied for holding a perpetual rally in Kyiv center, involving 200 thousand people.

5:14 pm - President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych proposes to introduce a moratorium on any military actions for the period of seeking a solution to the political crisis.

12:24 pm - Kyiv Court of Appeals released from custody journalist Valery Garagutsa and activist Yegor Previra, detained in Bankova street on December 1.
9:44 am - A New Year Tree is being installed in Kyiv under the Arc of Peoples' Friendship.

December 13. 8:32 am - As of now, no gross violation of public order has been registered during mass street protests in the center of the capital.

9:53 pm - On Sunday, December 15, the next popular assembly will take place in Kyiv, in the Independence Square.

9:49 pm - The evening in Maidan is going quietly and without incidents.

7:25 pm - Additional police forces arriving in Maidan for rotation.

6:34 pm - New Year Tree in Kyiv can be installed only after settlement of the issue at the political level.

6:22 pm - Activists of Kyiv Maidan establish another headquarters in the House of Architects in Hrynchenko street.

12:33 pm - On December 12-14 medical examination stations will be opened in Kyiv center for all comers to screen for tuberculosis free of charge.

11:50 am - As of 9 am of December 12, six protesters sought medical assistance of emergency teams.

11:33 am - Barricades in Maidan, restored during the night, reach five meters in height. 

10:54 am - A part of protesting crowd moved in files to the Kyiv Court of Appeals.

9:21 am - As of 6 pm of December 11, 44 people sought medical assistance of emergency teams.

December 12. 8:12 am - This night law enforcements did not register any gross violations during the mass protest in Kyiv center.

6:23 pm - Interior Ministry does not rule that force might be applied to dismantle barricades in Kyiv center.

5:25 pm - Interior Ministry refutes information on Berkut's refusal to follow orders on maintenance of public order.

3:54 pm - Kyiv district courts start releasing activists.

2:00 pm - Protesters strengthening barricades on European Square with snow and ice, removed from Maidan.

12:44 pm - Opposition representatives call upon protesters to seize buildings of district administration in Kyiv.
12:20 pm - A file of 200 protesters went to the Court of Appeals, located in Solomenska street, 2.

11:15 am - Protesters restore barricades in Institutes street near the October Palace, using planks, barrels and metal constructions.

10:24 am - Busses with "Berkut" forces have left the territory of the Kyiv city state administration. A part of the crown, guarding the building, have moved to Maidan, but about a thousand of protesters remain near the building, and people keep coming.

10:21 am - Kyiv communal service insist on necessity to clear driveways for the service to do its job on provision of urban amenities.

10:12 am - Another cordon of vehicles has been drawn in Khreshchatyk, near the Independence Square.
10:06 am - Smoke bombs and flares going off near the building of the Kyiv city state administration, being stormed by "Berkut" forces.

9:56 am - Protesters do not let "Berkut" backup to approach the building of Kyiv administration.
9:51 am - Police cordons near the House of Trade Unions have been lifted. Protesters are cleaning streets from show. Crowd is gathering on Maidan. Public activists and politicians are speaking on the stage.

9:19 am - The government quarter reminds heavily guarded, access by Cabinet's ID cards only.

9:13 am - "Berkut" forces taking a shot at storming the Kyiv city state administration.

8:54 am - Police has dismantled almost all tents of protesters in Mykhailivska sqaure.

8:25 am - Eight people were detained for petty crimes during night clashes between special forces and protesters in the Independence Square.

7:57 am - Law enforcements use three busses to block the driveway of Khreshchatyk street at the intersection of Mykhailivska and Instytutska streets on the side of European Square. 

6:50 am - Interior Ministry officially declares that police officers and militaries did not use the tear gas or any other weapons against protesters during Maidan events. 

6:44 am - The major part of vehicular accesses to Kyiv center are blocked.

6:12 am - Subway stations "Maidan Nezalezhnoski" and "Khreshchatyk" are closed for entry and exit.

6:04 am - The situation near the House of Trade Unions remain stable. Law enforcements are blocking accesses to the facility, protesters have lined up on the drive way, but neither of the sides takes any actions.

5:34 am - Interior Ministry calls upon protesters in Kyiv center not to fall for provocations and attempts to manipulate public opinion.

5:12 am - According to the police report, 10 officers have been injured during the unblocking of Kyiv center.

5:09 am - "Berkut" officers are getting the crowd to move along from the house of Trade Unions. Confrontations between protesters and law enforcements continue. A part of Mykhailivska street has been cleared, and communal services are now removing the remnants of the camp.

4:23 - An announcement was made from the stage that guards detained a provocateur. The latter is allegedly being searched and will be handed to law enforcements. "Berkut" forces regroup, but do not take any actions, while activists keep coming along Khreshchatyk and Instytutska streets. The barricade on the driveway has been completely dismantled.

4:15 am - According to the Interior Ministry statement, dismantling of barricades is carried out in compliance with a court order.

3:24 am - "Berkut" officers and communal services continue dismantling barricades, installed in Instytutska street.

3:15 am - Kyiv police does not intend to resort to a crackdown on the protesters. "The task of police forces includes dismantling of barricades and clearing driveways. But nobody intends to clear government buildings or the tent camp in Maidan," spokesperson of the Interior Ministry Olha Bilyk says.

2:49 am - One of the protesters' tents installed in Maidan is on fire. Performers on the stage are calling upon people not to make resistance to law enforcements and withdraw quietly. The barricade in Instytutska street has been dismantled, and the driveway is under control of law enforcements, though they do not proceed to Maidan yet.

December 11. 2:48 am - Somewhere about 2:30 skirmishes in territory control started between protesters and "Berkut" officers.

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