The exports of rolled steel by Ukrainian metallurgical enterprises grew by 1.6% (year-on-year), to 17.502 million tons from January to September 2013. 13.885 million tons were supplied to non-CIS countries and 3.617 million tons - to the CIS countries, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Government experts point out that the domestic steel industry exports 80% of its product, but the situation in the industry depends on the global macro environment, as well as economies of the destination countries.

Compared to last year, Ukrainian metal exports changed both quantitatively and geographically.
A 1.6% increase in Ukrainian steel exports after losing several important markets, shows how strong the export system is.

Major changes in the structure of exports occurred in three directions, analysts say.
The debt crisis in the European Union is not conducive to consumption of steel, and the EU accounts for 50% of Ukrainian exports of sheet metal. The Eurozone has been struggling with the recession all year long which resulted in just 0.3% GDP growth in the region by the end of 2013 (due to France and Germany). Consequently, the demand for Ukrainian steel in the EU fell by 850 tons in 2013.

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