Not all citizens of Ukraine support protesters in Maidan, Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said at the Cabinet’s meeting, ForUm correspondent reports.

"With all sincere respect for the people, who peacefully express their position in the square, they are not the whole Ukraine. Rallies cannot rule the country. The main tool of democracy is elections, not a rally with concerts," Azarov said.

According to him, all the political forces, which do adhere to democratic values, should protect and maintain this principle. "They should get ready for the next election. Develop political programs and a constructive agenda for the country: how to start work of our factories, save jobs, find funds for the modernization of the economy in accordance with European technical standards, remove the "gas loop" from economy, create the best conditions for the Association with the EU. Maidan cannot give answers to all these questions. Without addressing such sensitive issues, desire to be a part of Europe is nothing more but a romantic illusion," Azarov said.


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