Somewhere about 2:30, skirmishes in territory control started between protesters and "Berkut" officers.

2:49 am - One of the protesters' tents installed in Maidan is on fire. Performers on the stage are calling upon people not to make resistance to law enforcements and withdraw quietly. The barricade in Instytutska street has been dismantled, and the driveway is under control of law enforcements, though they do not proceed to Maidan yet.

3:15 am - Kyiv police does not intend to resort to a crackdown on the protesters. "The task of police forces includes dismantling of barricades and clearing driveways. But nobody intends to clear government buildings or the tent camp in Maidan," spokesperson of the Interior Ministry Olha Bilyk says.

3:24 am - "Berkut" officers and communal services continue dismantling barricades, installed in Instytutska street.

4:15 am - According to the Interior Ministry statement, dismantling of barricades is carried out in compliance with a court order.

4:23 - An announcement was made from the stage that guards detained a provocateur. The latter is allegedly being searched and will be handed to law enforcements. "Berkut" forces regroup, but do not take any actions, while activists keep coming along Khreshchatyk and Instytutska streets. The barricade on the driveway has been completely dismantled.

5:09 am - "Berkut" officers are getting the crowd to move along from the house of Trade Unions. Confrontations between protesters and law enforcements continue. A part of Mykhailivska street has been cleared, and communal services are now removing the remnants of the camp.

5:12 am - According to the police report, 10 officers have been injured during the unblocking of Kyiv center.

5:34 am - Interior Ministry calls upon protesters in Kyiv center not to fall for provocations and attempts to manipulate public opinion.

6:04 am - The situation near the House of Trade Unions remains stable. Law enforcements are blocking accesses to the facility, protesters have lined up on the driveway, but neither of the sides takes any actions.

6:12 am - Subway stations "Maidan Nezalezhnoski" and "Khreshchatyk" are closed for entry and exit.

6:44 am - The major part of vehicular accesses to Kyiv center are blocked.

6:50 am - Interior Ministry officially declares that police officers and militaries did not use tear gas or any other weapons against protesters during Maidan events.
7:57 am - Law enforcements use three busses to block the driveway of Khreshchatyk street at the intersection of Mykhailivska and Instytutska streets on the side of European Square. 

8:25 am - Eight people were detained for petty crimes during night clashes between special forces and protesters in the Independence Square.

The full chronicle of events see here.


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