Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and three former Ukrainian presidents are holding a meeting in Kyiv, Iryna Vannykova, spokeswoman for third Ukrainian President Viktor Yuschenko and the head of the political council of the Our Ukraine Party, has told Interfax-Ukraine.

"Today's meeting of four presidents has already begun," she said.

Vannykova said that this meeting should be viewed as a first step to organizing a national roundtable with the participation of four presidents, the First of December initiative, the opposition, young people and civil society representatives.

On Tuesday, at 1400, the Ukraine National Palace of Arts, on the initiative of first Ukrainian President Leonid Kravchuk, will host a national roundtable to discuss proposals from the public regarding the restoration of political stability, public peace and calm in Ukraine.

The meeting will be attended by the leaders of public opinion, the representatives of the Ukrainian authorities, political parties, the general public, trade union organizations, the media, students, experts, as well as the creative and scientific community. Opposition leaders and activists of pro-European demonstrations that are taking place on Independence Square in Kyiv were also invited to the meeting.


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