The government adopted a Strategy for development of IT industry 2014. The resolution was passed at the Cabinet meeting, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

According to the approved Strategy, the main activities of the government will be aimed to increase the state orders for IT expert training at universities, as, by 2018, over 50,000 of skilled IT professionals will be required to support current pace of computer industry development.

Also, it is necessary to preserve and improve the quality of computer education, which let Ukraine (1.8 billion USD) enter the four world leaders in terms of software exports, after India (34 billion USD), China (28 billion USD), and Russia (2.7 billion USD). The IT exports in 2013 are up 1 billion USD year-on-year, note the government analysts.

It must be noted that Prime Minister Mikola Azarov took IT sector under his personal control. He is sure that development of IT industry, as innovative sector of economy with high added value, will ensure growth of Ukrainian GDP in the shortest possible time.

Azarov approved the Strategy for Development of Software Industry and predicted on the basis of current growth rates that, by 2015, exports of domestic IT goods, services, and computer technology will reach 8 billion USD.
This forecast is also supported by Microsoft experts, who forecast that, in 3 years, IT sector will account for 8% of Ukrainian GDP (currently, under 3%).

According to government experts, structural development of computer education and benefits for IT industry (reduced taxes, VAT exemption, 5% income tax for IT companies) will create the most favorable conditions for IT sector in the Eastern Europe, which produces 20% of the total software in the world.


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