Conditions set by the opposition are totally unrelistic, Mykhailo Pohrebynski, director of the Kyiv center for political research and conflict management, told a Kyiv-Moscow video conference "Political situation in Ukraine.

"The situation is very tense. It is difficult to forecast its further development, but conditions set by the opposition are exaggerated and can be considered as a starting point in negotiations," he said and added the opposition is not interested in aggravating of the situation.
In his opinion, the situation may change after the arrival of Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union, to Ukraine.

Moreover, Pohrebynski pointed out that the major part of responsibility for the events happening in Ukraine lies with European politicians. "European, not American, as it happened nine years ago, though Russian politicians have also contributed to the situation," he said.

He specified that Russian an European politicians pressed on Ukraine to make a choice. "Ukraine cannot make a choice by definition. Ukraine is doomed to keep its foot in both worlds, at least Ukraine as we know it," Pohrebynski summed up.


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