The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine states that in the 11 months of 2013, almost 500 (489) entities cultivating vegetables, melons and gourds as the principal business activity were registered. This is almost 9% more from last year, when there were 450 business entities in this area, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

Individual entrepreneurs account for almost 85% of the vegetable industry. Business has developed most intensively in Zaporizhzhya, Kherson and Lviv regions, where 57, 52 and 47 entities respectively, were registered.

Successful business in the vegetable sector resulted in the significant increase of vegetables production, which significantly exceeds the needs of the domestic market. In particular, the potato yield exceeds the domestic needs by 3.5 times, beetroot – by 1.7 times, carrots – by 1.4 times, cabbage and onions – by 1.3 times.

According to experts, entrepreneurs coming to the vegetable business have significantly increased the production of scarce vegetables that are in demand, but are not much cultivated in Ukrainian agrarian culture. First of all, we are talking about Brussels sprouts, broccoli, leeks and arugula.

In addition to growth of domestic production and business activity enhancement in the vegetable sector, it is important to mention the government's policy to create the conditions for storing large volumes of vegetables. The Cabinet promoted building of 104 vegetable storage facilities over 3 year, and their storage capacity amounted to almost 500 tons. Also, during next two years, 16 vegetable storages will appear in Ukraine with a storage capacity of 140 tons.


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