In Kherson region, land plots of total area 3,196 hectares are allocated for alternative energy facilities. Development and coordination of project documentation for allocation of 100 additional hectares under alternative energy facilities is underway, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

The largest area is allocated in Kakhovsky district (1,553 hectares in Vasilkovsky and Krasnoperekopsky rural council and Lyubimovsky township council) and in Chaplynsky district (1,320 hectares in Grigorievsky, Pervokonstantinovsky, Pavlovsky, and Stroganovsky rural council). Land for that purpose was also allocated in Velikolepetihsky, Vysokopolsky, Genichesky, Gornostaevsky, Kalanchaksky, Novotroitsky and Skadovsky districts.

According to experts, use of land plots for wind and solar power plants brings about 2 million UAH per year to local budgets.

Analysts note that the region has actually formed a list of other 15 state-owned land plots, which can be used for alternative energy projects. Their total area is 1,200 hectares. The plots were selected given the compact location of transformer substations and transmission lines of required voltage for power transmission.

The share of alternative energy resources in the energy balance of Ukraine is currently pretty small. Experts of fuel and energy complex (FEC) cite 0.3% of the total power generation. However, they believe that Ukraine has a huge potential in this area. Important role will be played by Energy Strategy of Ukraine 2020 adopted this year.

In particular, according to Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Boyko, Ukraine by 2020, the country is planning to increase the share of energy produced by alternative power plants (in energy balance of Ukraine) up to 15%. "It corresponds to 580 MW and, judging by the development rate, the values may be even higher," Boyko said. 


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