Illichivsk commercial seaport has initiated a phased transition to a single electronic document management system. To date, over 550 electronic requests (1,200 containers) have been issued in the port after launching the Port Community Information System (PCIS), the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

One of the main innovations is that paperwork for shipment records will be minimized with the introduction of PCIS. The new system of Illichivsk port will connect all participants of sea transportations into the common information base "Single Window - Local Solution."

Government analysts point out that the modernization of workflow based on modern computer technologies will create best conditions for business and will help implement new investment projects. In turn, these innovations will lead to an increase in the level of economic and social standards of the Ukrainian workers.

Due to the introduction of the information system, shipment registration time at Illichivsk port has been reduced to four hours, whereas registration of containers took about 40-45 hours a short while ago. In addition, the new technology greatly simplifies doing business due to the rapid turnover of documentation and eliminates corruption because of the lack of direct contact with business officials.

At the same time, experts believe that PCIS will significantly improve the port’s logistics potential. “Single Window - Local Solution" will help attract additional volumes of cargo to the port due to efficient logistics management.


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