Despite numerous provocations, the government is not interested in the dispersal peaceful demonstrations or in obstructing free expression of public will, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov said the government is not interested in the unfolding scenario and has made keeping peace and stability a priority. "I have said this before and I repeat: the people who express their protest legitimately and peacefully are our fellow citizens whose rights we must protect. These people express their support for the European integration, that is, policies that the President and the government have been pursuing. We appreciate their opinion, their position, and we have a dialogue with them like with other members of our society,” Azarov said.

Government analysts believe it is important to soberly separate facts from fiction, as well as ignore provocations during the peaceful protest. No one has suggested declaring a state of emergency yet.

The government today keeps moving towards the European integration. Given its geopolitical position, Ukraine must take into account all the risk factors when entering into any alliances and find more economically and socially beneficial solutions for the country and its citizens.

Experts say the Eastern Partnership summit recently hosted in Vilnius allowed Ukraine's authorities take a more balanced position in regards to the EU Association Agreement. The dialog between Ukraine and the EU is ongoing. A Ukrainian delegation is set to visit Brussels to resolve outstanding issues, including gas prices and financial assistance from international organizations, Foreign Affairs Minister Leonid Kozhara has said. The parties will consider the issue of declining trade turnover between Ukraine and the EU.


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