The government has launched a program of separate collection and recycling of waste in the regions. It is envisioned that the use of fuel generated in the course of processing can help reduce gas and coal consumption by industrial enterprises, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine reports.

"Establishing of industrial clusters in each region and use of alternative energy sources will help replace expensive natural gas with a cheap domestic fuel. This will promote reducing energy dependence of Ukraine, help attract investment in the economy, increase its competitiveness, create jobs, solve environmental problems," said  Gennady Temnik, Minister of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine during the workshop regarding implementation in the regions of recycling programs and use of solid waste in domestic production.

In particular, Temnik cited the example of the Rivne region, which  reduced consumption of natural gas by 9% (from 103 to 93 million cubic meters) from 2011. A substitution of gas with an alternative fuel has saved 2 million cubic meters (to 91 million cubic meters).

Experts note that the waste-processing complex UkrEko-Industry in the Rivne region produces alternative fuel - fluff (sorted and recycled garbage). Thus, 50-60% of the collected garbage is converted into fluff.

In particular, according to Svyatoslav Yevtushenko, CEO UkrEko-Industry, today the amount of waste removed to a landfill has been halved, which significantly reduces the burden on the environment and prolongs life of the landfill for decades.


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