The rally participants are storming the Presidential Administration building in Bankova Street. There were about three thousand people, some of them wearing helmets, ForUm correspondent reports.

About 100 policemen protect fence around the Presidential Administration. There is a tractor with flag in the crowd of protesters. Protesters throw paving slabs at police officers.

2.30 pm - Protesters stopped throwing stones at law enforcement officers, came close to them and began to persuade the police to let them enter the territory of the Presidential Administration building.  

2.40 pm - Protesters started the tractor with the EU flag and went directly to the law enforcement officers. The Berkut special forces, in turn, threw firecrackers in the crowd.

2.45 pm - A fight broke out near the Presidential Administration building between two parts of protesters. 

3.00 pm - Petro Poroshenko arrived at the scene and went to the Berkut special forces.

3.21 pm - People began to disperse due to the smoke.

3.25 pm - People started to run away because of tear gas. The protester pushes each other. Volunteers began handing out bandages.

People slowly returned to the PA building and threw paving slabs at the Berkut special officers. Protesters began storming again.  

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