Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is deeply concerned with the events that took place in Maidan Nezalezhnosti last night, he said in this address to the Ukrainian people, posted on the official website.

"I condemn the actions that led to forceful confrontation and suffering of people. Several days ago in front of the whole country I have declared the support to civic non-violent actions. Those who didn’t listen to the words of the Constitution and the President and provoked the conflict in Maidan will be punished," he said.

Yanukovych requires the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine to immediately provide him and the Ukrainian people with the results of prompt and objective investigation in order to punish the perpetrators.

"I reaffirm – we are united in the choice of our common European future. The summit in Vilnius ended yesterday demonstrating that we and our European colleagues have the same understanding of problems and the same desire to work over their solution. Today, we need to work together over the program of measures that would make the economy of Ukraine less vulnerable, protect the jobs, wages and pensions and ensure their growth in the future. That is what I have said in Vilnius," the President noted.

The head of State assures Ukrainaens with full responsibility: all governmental efforts are aimed at overcoming of crisis processes, strengthening of Ukrainian economy and the improvement of people’s life.

"I urge everyone to contribute to this responsible task. Everyone must make every effort to strengthen our state and unite our society. I am confident that such approach will allow achieving the desired goals and preventing the conflicts and confrontation in the society. I believe in your wisdom and readiness to the joint work for the sake of our European future," he said.

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