The Ministry of Social Policy is taking proactive steps to  bring social standards to the European benchmarks in many areas. This was reported by Minister of Social Policy Natalia Korelevska, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

In particular, she said those areas were related to employment, pensions, social services, social adaptation and integration of people with special needs and gender equality.

Minister of Social Policy is working to implement provisions of the European Social Charter, adopted by Ukraine, as a member of the Council of Europe, in 1996.

But the document is not yet fully ratified in Ukraine. To do this, according to government experts, it is necessary to adopt a new plan of action.

Nevertheless, at the moment, the government has taken sufficient measures to improve social standards. They include timely payment of pensions, stipends and salaries of public sector employees, as well as providing a decent living for people with special needs.

"European standards in the field of social protection are a worthy support for those citizens who need the state assistance the most. It includes providing jobs to everyone who can and wants to work, decent pensions on retirement, equal rights for men and women in all spheres of society," Korolevska said. 

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