The Cabinet takes measures to enhance competitiveness of domestic business on foreign markets, to strengthen national production and stimulate economic growth, the Information-Analytical Bulletin of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine informs.

According to Mykola Prysyazhnyuk, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ukraine will need over a year to complete major systemic reforms.

"In the negotiations with the EU and the Customs Union, we are guided solely by the interests of citizens and we have a pragmatic approach. Our foreign trade partners see this. And now we have no right to take hasty decisions contrary to the interests of the national economy or industry," the minister said. 
In order to become an equal partner for Europe, it is necessary to make much more efforts to modernize the economy of Ukraine, and agriculture, in particular.

Industry experts point out that Ukraine will boost exports specifically to the European market. And domestic manufacturers have great prospects for that. For example, in 2013 the supplies of Ukrainian poultry to the European Union grew significantly: this year exports will amount to 140,000 tons, which is up 60 million tons year-on-year.

Agrarian Policy Ministry experts note that today Ukrainian poultry farms are certified to all European standards, and their products are in good demand on the EU market. With further modernization of Ukraine's food industry, domestic producers will increase their presence on the European market. It is an indisputable advantage for the Ukrainian economy, which is reflected in the growing GDP, an incentive for all producers to align their production with European standards.


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